The Santa Clauses (2022 Disney Series) Review: Sequel Show

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The Santa Clauses: Tim Allen’s Return as Santa Claus

A Childhood Obsession with The Santa Clause Franchise

Growing up, I was captivated by Disney’s The Santa Clause franchise, especially Tim Allen’s portrayal of Scott Calvin. From countless viewings of The Santa Clause 2 to eagerly awaiting the release of The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, these films were a year-round source of joy and wonder in my household. The concept of an ordinary man becoming Santa Claus fascinated me, prompting endless questions about the elves, the North Pole’s magic, and the workings of Santa’s world.

A Promising Miniseries: The Santa Clauses

When I first heard about the Disney+ miniseries, The Santa Clauses, I was initially skeptical. However, an interview with Tim Allen in The Hollywood Reporter caught my attention. He expressed his dissatisfaction with The Escape Clause and promised that this miniseries would finally answer the question of why the first Santa fell off Scott Calvin’s roof in the original film. With the return of David Krumholtz as Bernard, Scott’s beloved right-hand elf, who was absent from The Santa Clause 3, my excitement grew.

Scott Calvin’s Retirement as Santa Claus

In The Santa Clauses, we find Scott Calvin/Santa Claus (Tim Allen) approaching his 65th birthday and feeling as though he’s losing his magical abilities due to age. Desiring more time with his wife, Carol/Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell), and their teenage children, who have only known life at the North Pole, Scott decides to retire from his role as Santa Claus. But before he embarks on a new chapter, he must choose his successor.

Tim Allen’s Remarkable Performance as Scott Calvin

Tim Allen effortlessly slips back into the red suit, delivering a stellar performance as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus. His portrayal of both sides of the character feels natural and genuine, evoking the same holiday cheer, charm, and wit we’ve come to love. Despite the time gap since his last portrayal, Allen brings back the essence of Scott Calvin with ease, infusing the character with the same heart and spirit that made the original trilogy so memorable.

A Heartfelt Message and Focus on Family

The Santa Clauses conveys a powerful message about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family. While it may seem surprising coming from a Disney production, there is a genuine effort here to shift the focus away from consumerism and gift-giving during the holiday season. Tim Allen and the creative team have crafted a story that captures the essence of the holiday season, reminding us all of what truly matters.

An Ambitious Plot and Long-Awaited Answers

In just six half-hour episodes, The Santa Clauses tackles a lot, perhaps even too much at times. The miniseries delves into the history of this universe, provides long-awaited answers, and introduces new elements to Scott’s story. One notable highlight is the return of Bernard, expertly portrayed by David Krumholtz. The writers skillfully tie together the past and present, offering satisfying explanations and contributing to the overall enjoyment of the series.

Some Missteps in Storytelling and Superfluous Subplots

Although The Santa Clauses excels in many areas, there are a few missteps that prevent it from reaching its full potential. The subplot involving Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Carol/Mrs. Claus, feels redundant and echoes her previous story arc in The Escape Clause. Certain side characters also seem superfluous and could have been eliminated to streamline the miniseries. These minor flaws detract from an otherwise immersive experience.

A Balancing Act for Different Audiences

The Santa Clauses caters to both nostalgic older viewers and younger audiences. While there are specific gags targeted at children, the miniseries also appeals to older viewers through its callbacks, returning characters, and complex narrative. Striking a balance between these two demographics could have been better achieved through a movie format that would have allowed broader appeal.

Memorable Additions to the Santa Claus Universe

The Santa Clauses introduces new characters that breathe fresh life into the Santa Claus universe. Buddy Calvin-Claus and Sandra Calvin-Claus, Scott and Carol’s North Pole-raised children, provide an intriguing contrast to Scott’s previously introduced son, Charlie. Sandra, played by Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Tim Allen’s real-life daughter, brings an endearing awkwardness to her character, which gradually evolves throughout the series. Their inclusion adds depth and humor to the overall story.

Visuals and Set Design that Evoke Magic

While the special effects in The Santa Clauses may be inconsistent, they surpass the sometimes-dated effects of the original film and maintain a reasonable standard for a streaming show. One of the most enchanting aspects for me as a child was the North Pole setting, and the sets in the series effectively transport viewers into this magical world. The attention to detail and unique design create a captivating visual experience that complements the story.

A Captivating Return to a Beloved Universe

Despite its narrative flaws, The Santa Clauses succeeds in recapturing the magic and charm that made the original films so beloved. Tim Allen’s reprisal of his role as Scott Calvin delivers a heartfelt performance, and the series’ message aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Christmas season. For fans of The Santa Clause trilogy, this Disney+ miniseries is a worthwhile watch that provides closure and new adventures in equal measure.


The Santa Clauses brings back the beloved character of Scott Calvin/Santa Claus, played brilliantly by Tim Allen, in a miniseries that balances nostalgia, heartwarming messages, and new story elements. While occasionally hindered by an overstuffed plot and unnecessary subplots, the series ultimately offers a delightful return to the magical universe of Santa Claus. With memorable additions to the cast, immersive set designs, and a focus on family and the true meaning of Christmas, The Santa Clauses is a worthy addition to the franchise.


Q: Is The Santa Clauses suitable for all ages?

A: While The Santa Clauses primarily caters to a broad audience, it strikes a balance between appealing to both children and nostalgic older viewers. Younger audiences will find humor and enjoyable moments tailored just for them, while older viewers can appreciate the callbacks and intricate narrative.

Q: Can I watch The Santa Clauses without having seen the previous films?

A: Although familiarity with the original Santa Clause trilogy enhances the viewing experience, The Santa Clauses provides sufficient background information for newcomers to understand the story. However, fans of the previous films will undoubtedly appreciate the returning characters and references that enrich the series.

Q: Are the special effects in The Santa Clauses impressive?

A: While the special effects may have some inconsistencies, they generally meet the expected standard for a streaming show. The visual appeal of The Santa Clauses lies not only in the effects but also in the creative set design, which transports viewers into the enchanting world of the North Pole.

Q: Does The Santa Clauses offer closure to the Santa Clause franchise?

A: Yes, The Santa Clauses provides closure to