The Venture Bros. Movie (2023) Review

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The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart – A Finale for the Ages

The Venture Bros. has captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling and meta-humor since its debut on Adult Swim in 2003. Created by Chris McCullough (alias Jackson Publick) and Doc Hammer, this animated series surpassed expectations for what an adult cartoon could achieve. Its dynamic characters and complex plotlines kept fans hooked, making it Adult Swim’s longest-running show. However, in 2020, the show was unexpectedly canceled during the production of its eighth season. Despite this setback, hope emerged when the launch of the Max streaming service offered the opportunity for one-off specials to promote the platform – including The Venture Bros.

Reviving the Story with “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart”

The unused scripts from the eighth season were repurposed to create “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” – a grandiose ninety-minute epic that serves as a finale for The Venture Bros. This special not only ties up loose ends but also delivers shocking reveals that turn the world of The Venture Bros. upside down. It picks up where the series left off, with Hank Venture leaving his family after discovering his girlfriend’s infidelity. This prompts a gripping search led by the bodyguard Brock Samson, while The Monarch, the show’s antagonist, learns about his surprising connection to the Venture family. Simultaneously, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch sets out to investigate the mysterious activities of Monarch’s old flame, Mantilla.

For dedicated viewers, remembering all the intricate plotlines and character interactions is essential to fully appreciate the film. The animation style maintains the pulpy, comic book aesthetic of the show, staying true to its roots. However, the movie’s strength lies in its writing. By amalgamating plots that could have spanned multiple episodes, the film expertly navigates and interweaves each subplot. The transitions between different storylines, from The Monarch to Hank’s adventure to Dean’s search, can be overwhelming, even for the most devoted fans. Nevertheless, the showrunners skillfully inject humor and one-liners to keep the comedic essence intact, even amidst the chaos. This abundance of content reinforces the show’s signature storytelling style.

A Celebration of Past Episodes and Hidden Gems

“Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” is a treasure trove for fans, brimming with cameos and references to past episodes. Villains long forgotten are mentioned, and hidden jokes allude to the show’s extensive history. Particularly noteworthy is the reintroduction of the character Ben, who first appeared in Season Five. In this finale, Ben plays a pivotal role, resolving the Monarch-Rusty connection and adding depth to the narrative. These nostalgic moments, combined with pop culture references spanning the twentieth century, create a viewing experience that stimulates memories and emotions.

With its expansive cast and intersecting plotlines akin to “Avengers: Endgame,” the film maximizes every second of its runtime. The writers craft each scene to be impactful in some way, ensuring that no moment goes to waste. As the stories converge towards the climax, the payoff feels immensely satisfying, with previously established jokes and setups brilliantly coming to fruition. This mastery of storytelling is what distinguishes The Venture Bros. and solidifies the finale as a remarkable achievement.

A Bittersweet Conclusion

While billed as a finale, “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” does not deliver a definitive conclusion. Instead, it sets the stage for potential future seasons with unresolved conflicts and character development still in progress. The Monarch and his wife must navigate their relationship, the Venture brothers face identity conflicts, and Rusty grapples with personal growth. Although the ending leaves room for continuation, if this marks the end of The Venture Bros., it will not be viewed as a disappointment. The film answers lingering questions and provides affirmations regarding certain characters, creating a satisfactory jumping-off point for this sprawling narrative.


As a series finale, “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” may not cater to newcomers, but it offers a mostly satisfying payoff for long-time fans who have been with the show since its inception. Despite the unexpected cancellation of the series, the creators, McCullough and Hammer, manage to wrap up their mythology and character arcs with finesse, rivaling the complexity of many live-action dramas. It is a testament to their storytelling prowess that they can conclude their narrative in a way that leaves viewers feeling fulfilled. The Venture Bros. will forever leave an indelible mark on the world of animated television.


1. Will there be any more episodes or seasons of The Venture Bros. after this?

While “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” leaves room for future seasons, it is uncertain whether the show will continue. The cancellation of the series was unexpected, but dedicated fans can hope for a revival or continuation in some form.

2. How long did The Venture Bros. air on Adult Swim?

The Venture Bros. became Adult Swim’s longest-running show, captivating audiences for nearly two decades. Its debut in 2003 and unexpected cancellation in 2020 marked a remarkable run for this beloved animated series.

3. Is “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” accessible for new viewers?

This finale special primarily caters to fans who have followed the show from its early days. New viewers may find it harder to grasp the intricate plotlines and character relationships. Starting from the beginning is recommended to fully appreciate the complex narrative.

4. How does the animation style of “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” compare to the original series?

The film maintains the distinctive pulpy, comic book-inspired animation style that fans have come to love. It remains true to the show’s aesthetic and brings the characters and their adventures to life on the screen.

5. Are there any plans for a physical release of “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” on Blu-ray?

Yes, “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” will be released on Blu-ray on July 25, 2023, allowing fans to own a physical copy of this monumental finale for The Venture Bros.