There’s Something Wrong with the Children: Film Review 2023 Movie

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Exploring Roxanne Benjamin’s “There’s Something Wrong With The Children”


Parenthood and its impact on relationships have long been subjects of fascination for many. Roxanne Benjamin’s film “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” delves into this theme, presenting contrasting views on parenthood and the sinister aspects that may emerge. In this article, we will analyze the film’s storyline, character dynamics, and the director’s visual approach. While the film falls short in certain areas, it still possesses redeeming qualities worth examining.

Plot and Character Development

The story revolves around two couples, Margaret and Ben, and Ellie and Thomas, as they embark on a weekend trip together. However, what seemed like a fun vacation takes a dark turn when Ben suspects supernatural occurrences after the children disappear into the woods and return with altered personalities. While the premise may not be entirely original, it sets the stage for exploring the complexities of parenthood.

One of the film’s main drawbacks lies in the chemistry among the cast. Although Zach Gilford’s portrayal of Ben brings some excitement and depth to his character, overall emotional investment is lacking due to a lackluster script. Ellie and Thomas, as a couple experiencing relationship troubles, provide an avenue for discussing parenthood’s toll. Unfortunately, their own dynamics are underdeveloped, leaving little room for audience connection and resolution.

The Director’s Visual Flair

Despite its flaws, “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” showcases commendable elements in Roxanne Benjamin’s direction and visual style. The opening credits, reminiscent of 80s horror, accompanied by a synth-heavy score by The Gifted, pay homage to the genre. These stylistic choices offer brief moments of respite from the overall mediocrity, lending a touch of nostalgia to the viewing experience. However, it is important to note that the film struggles to match the impact and intrigue of its predecessors within the horror genre.

An Unfulfilled Potential

Regrettably, “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” falls short of delivering a captivating narrative that delves deeply into parenthood’s psychological impact. The themes it introduces lack the necessary depth to create a meaningful and engaging storyline. While the occasional stylistic flourishes add some visual interest, they are not enough to salvage the film from its mediocre execution.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” fails to captivate due to its lack of emotional investment, underdeveloped characters, and a narrative that lacks originality. Roxanne Benjamin’s attempt to infuse visual flair deserves some recognition, but it cannot compensate for the film’s overall shortcomings. Though it may entertain briefly, it ultimately falls short in delivering strong ideas of its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” a horror film?

Yes, “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” falls into the horror genre. While it may not elicit constant fear, it contains elements typical of the genre.

2. Are there any standout performances in the film?

Zach Gilford delivers a noteworthy performance as Ben, bringing life to his character and injecting some excitement into the film. However, due to the script’s limitations, overall emotional investment from the cast is lacking.

3. Does the film offer any meaningful insights into parenthood?

Unfortunately, “There’s Something Wrong With The Children” falls short in providing valuable insights into the complexities of parenthood. The film introduces the theme but fails to delve deep enough to create a truly meaningful narrative.

4. Can the film be considered a homage to 80s horror?

Yes, Roxanne Benjamin’s visual style and the film’s opening credits pay homage to 80s horror, incorporating synth-heavy music and stylistic elements reminiscent of the era.

5. Where can I watch “There’s Something Wrong With The Children”?

The film is available to watch on digital platforms and can be accessed through on-demand services. Check your preferred streaming platforms for availability.