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Tonikaku Kawaii: A Hidden Gem in the Anime World

When it comes to Tonikaku Kawaii, it’s disheartening to see how little attention it receives in the English-speaking world. The discussions are minimal, and the page views don’t reflect its true potential. However, in Japan, Tonikaku Kawaii has garnered immense popularity, with two seasons, a third season in the works, and a few OVAs. It is my sincere hope that this enchanting series will receive a complete adaptation that can reveal its full brilliance to a wider audience.

The Power of Love: Nasa and Tsukasa

One of the standout aspects of Tonikaku Kawaii is the extraordinary chemistry between Nasa and Tsukasa. This anime couple is truly exceptional, embodying qualities that make them instantly likeable. They possess the charm and authenticity that would make anyone wish to have them as close friends during their adolescent years. Their relationship is a testament to the power of love and the strength of their connection.

A Seamless Blend of Slice-of-Life and Melancholy

Hata Kenjirou, the mastermind behind Tonikaku Kawaii, astounds viewers with his incredible ability to seamlessly transition between two contrasting elements – the light-hearted slice-of-life moments and the melancholic and mysterious undertones. This juxtaposition should, theoretically, create a jarring experience for the audience. However, Hata’s skillful storytelling bridges the gap effortlessly, immersing us in a series that effortlessly adapts to both modes.

Unearthing the Secrets: Tokiko’s Relevance

Tokiko takes the spotlight in the finale and becomes intricately entwined with the mysteries surrounding Tsukasa. On multiple occasions, she alludes to a wish she hoped to fulfill for Tsukasa, expressing regret as her role seems to be ending before the wish is granted. It becomes unmistakably evident that Tsukasa possesses either immortality or an exceptionally long lifespan, and there are whispers suggesting she may be the fabled Princess Kaguya. But what exactly is the wish Tokiko speaks of, and how does it relate to the enigmatic moon rock? Unfortunately, Tsukasa walks in before she can fully enlighten us, leaving us hungry for answers.

A Shift in the Winds: Changes on the Horizon

Back at home, exciting news arrives as the burned apartment building nears completion. While it signifies progress, it also means bidding farewell to the bathhouse, a place that carries sentimental value. Kaname, in particular, mourns this loss, as she laments the separation from her friends and the missed opportunities for her voyeuristic tendencies. Additionally, this marks a new phase in Nasa and Tsukasa’s married life. They will finally have a place of their own, complete with a bed and a bathtub, allowing them the freedom to express their love openly. Though one would assume they have already crossed that threshold, the couple’s actions sometimes contradict this assumption.

A Glimpse into Domestic Bliss

Returning to the slice-of-life narrative, Tsukasa playfully criticizes Nasa’s hugging skills, emphasizing the importance of a warm embrace. Nasa seeks permission (which is denied) to conduct repairs while Tsukasa is asleep, playfully highlighting her propensity for messiness. In the grand scheme of things, these minor disagreements represent a healthy and thriving relationship. Yet, lingering shadows continue to loom over their lives, and the true nature of these mysteries remains shrouded.

Unforeseen Health Complications: Tokiko’s Revelation

The plot thickens when Tokiko suddenly collapses and is hospitalized, injecting a sense of urgency into the narrative. Tsukasa’s belated advice to Tokiko, urging her to live for herself, appears to be a case of too little, too late. Astutely observant, Nasa notices a significant change in Tokiko’s stride, a clear indication that her health is deteriorating rapidly. Tokiko hints at her imminent demise, and the revelation is bound to shatter Tsukasa’s perception of her invincibility. Entrusting Nasa with both the moon rock and Tsukasa’s happiness, Tokiko acknowledges that she has not fulfilled her responsibilities toward Tsukasa to the extent she desires.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Tonikaku Kawaii

The journey of Tonikaku Kawaii continues as we set our sights on the Joushiko-hen arc, slated for release in July as a four-episode adaptation. While this upcoming arc may not initially appear captivating, it holds the key to unraveling the larger mysteries that linger in the shadows. The final episode of the current season already hints at the careful planning for future installments, leaving us eagerly anticipating a comprehensive exploration of the series. The allure of discovering the truth behind it all leaves us with the burning desire to witness Tonikaku Kawaii receive a full and immersive anime treatment.

A Testament to Excellence: Tonikaku Kawaii Shines Bright

Amidst a season brimming with remarkable romance anime, Tonikaku Kawaii manages to carve out its own unique space. The standout quality of this series lies in its ability to present an unconventional couple who remain both relatable and endearing. This duality weaves its magic effortlessly and furthers the notion that we need more romcoms centered around married couples. To achieve such excellence, a deft touch from the writer, Hata Kenjirou, is crucial, while the remarkable protagonists breathe life into their characters. The fact that Tonikaku Kawaii will grace our screens for some time brings joy to our hearts, and we fervently hope it will continue to enchant us for years to come.


Tonikaku Kawaii stands as a hidden gem within the world of anime, deserving of far greater recognition. Its portrayal of Nasa and Tsukasa’s endearing relationship, the seamless fusion of slice-of-life with melancholy undertones, and the presence of enigmatic secrets create a captivating viewing experience. As the story unfolds, the stakes grow higher, and the need for answers intensifies. With upcoming adaptations on the horizon, Tonikaku Kawaii promises to quench our thirst for knowledge. So, let us embrace this charming anime and revel in its unique brilliance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will Tonikaku Kawaii receive a full adaptation?

While the anime has already received multiple seasons and additional OVAs, there is hope for a complete adaptation that reveals the full depth of the story. Fans eagerly anticipate future installments to uncover the remaining secrets within Tonikaku Kawaii.

2. Is Tsukasa truly immortal or long-lived?

Though it strongly suggests that Tsukasa possesses eternal youth or immortality, the exact nature of her longevity remains a mystery. Tonikaku Kawaii leaves us yearning for further revelations about her mysterious origins.

3. What significance does the moon rock hold?

The moon rock serves as an enigmatic element within the narrative of Tonikaku Kawaii. Its connection to Tsukasa and the wish Tokiko speaks of raises intriguing questions and sets the stage for further revelations in the series.

4. What can we expect from the Joushiko-hen arc?

While the Joushiko-hen arc may not initially appear to hold great promise, it serves as an essential piece of the puzzle in unraveling the larger mysteries surrounding Tonikaku Kawaii. Fans eagerly anticipate the depths this arc will explore.

5. Why is Tonikaku Kawaii a standout romcom?

Tonikaku Kawaii distinguishes itself as an exceptional romcom due to its unconventional portrayal of a married couple, Nasa and Tsukasa. Their relatability and the writer’s nuanced approach create a captivating narrative that sets it apart from other offerings in the genre.