Typeman Review: Venice Immersive VR

Keisuke Itoh’s Typeman: A Love Story in Virtual Reality

Step into the immersive world of Keisuke Itoh’s Typeman at the 2022 Venice Film Festival and be prepared to be struck by lightning, to experience love at first sight. Typeman is more than just a virtual reality work; it’s a journey that will evoke a range of emotions and leave you profoundly moved.

The Journey Begins

Typeman is an innovative Oculus project that invites three players to come together in the virtual realm. As you enter the virtual space, surrounded by darkness, your presence is indicated by floating white hands. Suddenly, Typeman appears, a suited figure with a unique typewriter head. With him as your guide, you explore a world where words come to life and secrets are unveiled.

An Unforgettable Character

Typeman’s childlike energy is infectious. His reactions to your actions are genuine, creating an endearing bond between the players and this fictional character. As you follow his instructions and assist him in his quests, his elation when he succeeds and his dejection when he fails become palpable. Each interaction reveals more about Typeman’s life, unveiling cherished objects like a gramophone and a radio.

The Power of Music and Freedom

Gradually, the music intensifies, captivating your soul. You find yourself surrounded by vibrant round buttons, instinctively playing them like drums. With each beat, letters and words in various languages materialize, accompanied by the harmonious sound you produce. The virtual space transforms, becoming a magical realm where you dance, make music, and feel an overwhelming sense of liberation and belonging.

A Reminder of the Past

Eventually, the experience comes to an end, and Typeman remains only as a memory. The words on the screen, “I am here,” serve as a reminder of his presence, even though typewriters are relics of the past. Yet, through this ancient artifact, Typeman taught us the importance of being present, finding meaning in the simplest things, and cherishing what truly matters.

Uniquely Personal Experiences

Typeman’s impact will vary for each individual, depending on their own lived experiences. Some may be captivated by the stunning animation and noir-like atmosphere, while others may be enraptured by the mesmerizing music. Regardless of what resonates individually, one thing is certain – Keisuke Itoh’s creation is an unforgettable masterpiece that will linger in your thoughts long after the VR journey concludes.


1. Where can I experience Typeman?

Typeman is currently showcased at the 2022 Venice Film Festival as part of the Venice Immersive strand. Head there to immerse yourself in this captivating virtual reality experience.

2. How many players can participate in Typeman?

Typeman accommodates three players simultaneously, creating a collaborative and engaging experience.

3. What makes Typeman different from other virtual reality works?

Typeman stands out for its unique character, Typeman himself, who forms a genuine connection with the players. The blend of interactive storytelling, music, and the freedom to explore sets Typeman apart from other virtual reality creations.

4. How long is the Typeman experience?

The duration of the Typeman experience may vary, but expect to spend a significant amount of time engaged in this captivating virtual world.

5. Will I forget about Typeman after the experience ends?

No, Typeman will leave a profound impact on your heart and mind. The memories of the journey, the emotional connection with the character, and the lessons learned will stay with you long after the VR encounter.

Step into the enchanting world of Typeman and prepare to have your emotions ignited. Keisuke Itoh’s creation surpasses the boundaries of virtual reality, leaving you with a deep appreciation for connection, music, and the beauty found in the smallest of things. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Typeman at the 2022 Venice Film Festival – it’s an encounter you won’t want to forget.