Unraveling the Conclusion of Netflix Series 1899 Explained

Explaining the Ending of 1899 Season 1

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing ending of the first season of the Netflix sci-fi series, 1899. Please note that there will be abundant spoilers as we dissect key plot elements and try to make sense of the enigmatic conclusion. As self-proclaimed experts, we aim to provide a thorough analysis that will answer your burning questions and shed light on the perplexing finale of 1899 season 1.

Was it All Just a Simulation?

The short answer is yes, everything we witnessed in 1899 season 1 was indeed a simulation. However, the mind-bending twists don’t end there. Not only were the characters existing within a fabricated reality, but they were also far from Earth, traversing through the vastness of space towards an unknown destination.

The Creator of the Simulation

During the final episode, we discover that Maura and Daniel are the creators of the simulation. Their motivation for constructing this elaborate virtual world was to perpetually preserve the life of their ailing son. However, the reliability of this revelation remains uncertain as the narrative is prone to deception and unreliable sources. Additionally, we learn that Maura’s brother, Ciaran, is now in control of the simulation, despite never appearing in the series.

Who is Alive in Reality?

Considering the final scene where we observe the characters aboard the spaceship, we can assume that everyone present is alive. However, it is important to note that the spaceship is colossal, implying the possibility of numerous additional survivors from the simulation.

The Key to Shutting Down the Simulation

To deactivate the simulation, a key was required, initially speculated to fit into Elliot’s black pyramid. However, Daniel altered the code, rendering the pyramid useless upon insertion of the key. Instead, a new pyramid was created, with Maura’s wedding ring serving as the key to awaken her from the simulation and return her to reality.

The Mystery of Black Matter

The introduction of black matter coincides with Daniel’s manipulation of the simulation’s code. It appears to function as a virus within the system, causing disruptions and complications. Though it is logical to perceive black matter as a virus, we must be prepared for unforeseen revelations and reinterpretations in a potential second season.

The Fate of Eyk

Eyk, a prominent character in season 1 and portrayed by an actor from the Netflix series Dark, met his demise at the hands of Sebastian, the ship’s first mate and a secret ally of Maura’s father. However, considering Eyk’s significance, it is reasonable to anticipate his return in the next simulation as the story evolves.

The Significance of the Letters

Only eight members of the Kerberos ship remained in episode 8, each in possession of a letter. These letters reveal that all the individuals willingly joined the simulation to escape or forget something in their lives. Yet, as Maura awakens in the conclusion of 1899 season 1, we witness a scene reminiscent of The Matrix, raising further questions about the true nature of their reality.

Unraveling the Enigma of Ciaran

Maura’s brother, Ciaran, emerges as a pivotal character. He is responsible for sending out the letters and currently oversees the simulation. However, considering what we now know about the real world—where everyone resides in a hibernative state aboard a spaceship—expectations should be tempered as the narrative has proven to be full of surprising twists and turns.

The True Identity of Prometheus

Initially, Prometheus is introduced as a ship sailing from Europe to the United States in the year 1899. However, the final episode reveals that Prometheus, in fact, symbolizes a spaceship in the year 2099. This revelation reinforces the intricate connections between the past and the future, blurring the line between time and space.

1899 and its Relation to Dark

Contrary to speculations, the co-creator of 1899, Baran bo Odar, has confirmed that the two series, 1899 and Dark, are not interconnected. While some actors may appear in both shows, they portray distinct characters within the respective narratives.

Will There Be an 1899 Season 2?

Baran bo Odar has expressed enthusiasm for a second and third season of 1899; however, Netflix has yet to officially greenlight their production. As fervent fans of the series, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricate simulation and the realities of 2099.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you provide a spoiler-free review of Season 1 of 1899?

Unfortunately, this article focuses solely on explaining the ending of 1899 season 1. However, you can find a comprehensive spoiler-free review of the season by clicking here [insert hyperlink to spoiler-free review].

2. Will 1899 season 2 continue to explore the simulation?

While we cannot confirm the specifics of the forthcoming season, it is highly likely that the simulation will remain a central theme. As the plot unfolds, new layers of complexity are expected to emerge, captivating audiences and raising further questions.

3. Are there any hints or Easter eggs linking 1899 to other shows or movies?

As of now, there have been no official hints or Easter eggs linking 1899 to other shows or movies. However, given the innovative storytelling in the series, astute viewers may uncover subtle connections or references that add additional depth to the narrative.

4. What other projects have been helmed by the creators of 1899?

The creators of 1899, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, gained recognition for their renowned Netflix series, Dark. Dark captivated audiences with its complex intertwining of time travel, mystery, and intricate character relationships. Their expertise and track record bode well for the captivating trajectory of 1899.

5. How long will audiences have to wait for 1899 season 2?

While we share your excitement for the second season of 1899, the production timeline has yet to be confirmed. Patience is key as the creative team diligently crafts the continuation of this gripping saga. Rest assured, the wait will be worth it.


Our exploration of the 1899 season 1 ending has unveiled a mosaic of simulated realities, mysterious creators, and questions of existence. While the answers we provided may satiate your curiosity, they also inspire further inquiry and speculation. As we eagerly await the potential second season, our imaginations run wild with the limitless possibilities of what the future holds in 1899.