Usagi Drop: Maternal Love Analysis and Review

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The Delightful Journey of Usagi Drop: A Unique Anime about Parenting

Intriguing Premise Handled with Restraint

Usagi Drop is an anime series that manages to stay faithful to its manga source while also establishing its own identity. The series takes a low-key and restrained approach, which proves to be a remarkable choice considering the powerful premise it explores. Instead of relying on overt emotional manipulation, the series, thanks to the efforts of director Kamei Kanta and Production I.G., delicately navigates the narrative, allowing the subtle moments to carry the story. This nuanced approach successfully captivates the audience’s attention and rarely panders directly to the tear ducts. It’s truly impressive how the series resonated with manga readers without compromising its uniqueness.

A Rarity in the World of Parenting Anime

Among anime series that touch upon the theme of parenting, Usagi Drop stands out as one of the best. What makes it exceptional is the absence of teenagers in the cast and the focus on the small yet significant moments of daily life. While other parenting series tend to lean towards either frivolousness or excessive drama, Usagi Drop strikes a perfect balance. Mangaka Unita Yumi deserves credit for crafting such a brilliant concept—an unmarried 30-year-old bachelor embarking on a journey to learn about parenthood. As a result, the series provides a refreshing perspective on parenting through the eyes of its protagonist, Daikichi.

Daikichi’s Journey of Growth

While Rin, the adorable and precocious child, undergoes noticeable growth throughout the series, Usagi Drop primarily revolves around the personal development of Daikichi. When the series begins, Daikichi has no experience as a parent but possesses a surplus of empathy and good instincts. He emerges as the signature character of the series, embodying a rare and indispensable archetype among anime characters—the 30-year-old single father. Daikichi’s genuine nature, hard work, and sense of responsibility create a solid foundation for his parenting journey. Although he may not have an eventful personal life, his instincts guide him to take in Rin following the death of his grandfather. Daikichi’s impulsive decision stems from a lack of context but is fueled by his unwavering belief in protecting Rin from her family’s disputes.

The Beauty of Daily Life and Growing Together

The true essence of Usagi Drop lies in witnessing Daikichi and Rin adapt to living together, forming a genuine familial bond. Ordinary activities such as shopping for clothes or selecting cereal become memorable events that establish milestones in their relationship. The series excels in portraying these seemingly mundane moments with a delicate blend of affectionate humor and subtle emotional depth. However, it is the introduction of Kouki and his mother, Yukari, that takes their journey to a whole new level. Not only do they add interesting dynamics to the series, but they also catalyze character development. Daikichi’s growing bond with Kouki, in particular, provides a remarkable example of the series’ strength. The unique understanding and connection they share surpasses what their housemates can comprehend. Their interactions, along with Yukari’s romantic potential, create a sense of hope for the future and leave a lasting impact on the audience.

An Assortment of Surprises and Realistic Portrayals

Usagi Drop delivers pleasant surprises throughout the series, from the heart-wrenching episode involving Daikichi’s cousin Haruko in an unhappy marriage to the nuanced portrayal of Rin’s damaged biological mother, Masako. There is also the lingering question of whether Rin’s grandfather is her true father, adding an intriguing layer of ambiguity to the narrative. Furthermore, the series skillfully weaves fantastic humor into the storytelling, with Kouki’s energetic and mischievous nature providing plenty of laughs. However, it is the simple observations of Daikichi and Rin’s daily lives that truly leave an impact. Despite its low-key approach, Usagi Drop manages to elicit powerful emotions, making it an exceptional series within its genre.

Artistic Excellence and Authentic Performances

While Usagi Drop may not be visually flashy, its animation exhibits a charming soft watercolor aesthetic that perfectly complements the story’s tone and atmosphere. Production I.G.’s mastery of this style, previously seen in series like Kimi ni Todoke, truly shines, adding another layer of beauty to the series. The opening and ending sequences, accompanied by superb music choices, further enhance the viewer’s experience. Notably, the decision to cast real children, Matsuura Ayu as Rin and Sakai Noa as Kouki, demonstrates a commitment to authenticity. The genuine performances from these young actors uphold the series’ credibility, as they effortlessly embody their respective roles.


Usagi Drop is an exceptional anime that explores the intricacies of parenting through the eyes of Daikichi. Its restrained approach allows for a profound and emotionally resonant storytelling experience. The series strikes a delicate balance between heartwarming humor and poignant moments, delivering a narrative that lingers in the mind of the viewer. With its unique premise, well-developed characters, and remarkable attention to detail, Usagi Drop stands out as a triumph for both Production I.G. and the NoitaminA block. It’s no wonder that this series has the potential to secure a place in the Top 10 lists of many viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Usagi Drop suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Usagi Drop is a heartwarming anime that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. It explores the themes of family, growth, and the beauty of everyday life in a gentle and relatable manner.

2. How does Usagi Drop compare to the manga?

While the anime stays faithful to the essence of the manga, it diverges from the controversial later part of the manga. The anime focuses more on the heartwarming aspects of Daikichi and Rin’s journey, leaving the story open-ended with a sense of hope.

3. Does Usagi Drop offer a realistic portrayal of parenthood?

Usagi Drop excels in providing a realistic portrayal of the challenges and joys of parenthood. From the small milestones to the emotional connections formed, the series captures the essence of raising a child and the personal growth it entails.

4. How does the animation style contribute to the overall experience?

The soft watercolor animation style adds a unique charm to Usagi Drop. It enhances the tranquil and introspective atmosphere of the series, providing a visually pleasing and immersive experience for the viewers.

5. Will there be a continuation or sequel to Usagi Drop?

As of now, there is no confirmed continuation or sequel to Usagi Drop. The anime concluded with an open-ended ending, allowing viewers to imagine the future possibilities for Daikichi, Rin, and their growing family.