Vinland Saga Finale: Journeying Through Nordic Epics – A Series Review

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Unveiling the Mysterious Vinland Saga Continuation

For fans eagerly awaiting news of a Vinland Saga sequel, the anticipation has reached new heights. The hints and teasers surrounding a possible continuation of the beloved anime have left enthusiasts bursting with curiosity and perplexity. While nothing has been officially announced yet, various factors suggest that there may be more to come in this enthralling saga.

Teasing without Announcement

The suspense surrounding a Vinland Saga sequel is palpable. Yabuta Shuuhei, the director, subtly hinted at the possibility of further chapters in a recent interview, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The final episode itself, intriguingly titled “The End of the Prologue,” further fuels speculation. It’s worth noting that this chapter’s title remains consistent with the corresponding segment in the manga. Additionally, an anime rumor site with a reliable track record leaked information about the potential continuation. And just to whet fans’ appetites even more, a short promotional video highlighting the next manga arc was released.

Despite all these tantalizing tidbits, a concrete announcement is still missing from the equation. What could be the cause of this prolonged uncertainty? Perhaps there are ongoing debates within the anime’s production committee, as is often the case, hindering progress. Alternatively, Wit Studio’s notorious chaotic production calendar might be a contributing factor. We’ve witnessed significant delays in the past, such as the sequel to the highly profitable “Hoozuki no Reitetsu.” It’s also possible that everyone involved is still waiting for crucial metrics, such as Blu-ray sales numbers and the outcome of the merchandising campaign at Tokyu Hands. The truth behind these puzzling circumstances remains elusive, leaving fans in a quandary about whether to continue the story by exploring the manga.

A Captivating Journey Comes to a Brilliant Conclusion

One thing is for certain: the audience has become fully invested in the Vinland Saga story. Regardless of the announcement’s status, the finale of the first season left a lasting impression. As a viewer who hasn’t dived into the manga, the burden of comparing the anime adaptation to its source material does not weigh upon me. However, I can unequivocally state that the conclusion was magnificent. The finale’s fidelity to the original source material only enhanced the overall brilliance of the series.

Throughout the two cours of the anime, one character who undeniably stands out is Askeladd, or should we say “Lucius Artorius Castus” in his Roman-inspired attire during the final showdown. If the series had adopted traditional saga nomenclature, this prologue would have aptly been named “The Book of Askeladd.” While the sublime Thors prologue primarily sets the stage for the larger series and positions Thorfinn as the protagonist, Askeladd takes center stage in these two cours. This conclusion had to revolve around his fate; no alternative would have sufficed. Askeladd’s indomitable spirit surged through the anime landscape in 2019, leaving an indelible mark.

As expected, Askeladd played a pivotal role in the narrative’s crucial events. However, his demise was sealed when his undying passion for his homeland was unexpectedly exposed by Floki. Encountering the destruction of his own army, which he claimed to despise, deeply impacted him. In order to accomplish his goals, Askeladd had to embody what he abhorred, and he grew weary of being that person. Understanding that even if Sweyn rejected his pleas to spare Wales (a bleak prospect), his homeland still had a fallback option. By sacrificing himself, Askeladd embraced the chance to make Canute a hero, knowing that a hero-King Canute would likely treat Askeladd’s homeland more favorably than any other potential ruler of Britain.

Thorkell, often underestimated, demonstrated his astuteness once again. Amidst the chaos, he remained composed and comprehended Askeladd’s true intentions. Prodding Canute to deliver the final blow (“A dog should be handled by his own master”), Thorkell ensured that the boy wouldn’t squander the opportunity granted by Askeladd’s sacrifice. Despite his outward display of indifference towards politics and court intrigue, Thorkell’s unwavering presence is now more crucial than ever for Canute’s future success as a ruler.

Of course, there’s also the matter of Thorfinn, who is central to the story. The anime seemingly expanded his role, offering a more in-depth exploration of his internal conflict, for which fans are grateful. Initially, it appeared that he might abandon the path of revenge and join Leif. However, he ultimately cannot bring himself to do so. Even without comprehensive knowledge of the events unfolding in the grand hall, Thorfinn senses the urgency of the situation and returns to Askeladd’s side.

It is undeniably ironic that Askeladd’s demise, much like Thors’, is a direct result of Thorfinn’s intervention. Yet, the outcome would have remained unchanged regardless. Both men made their conscious decisions to sacrifice themselves for the sake of something they cherished more than their own lives. Although Thorfinn is currently unable to comprehend the complexity of this situation, he may eventually come to understand it. Witnessing Askeladd’s final moments shattered the foundations of Thorfinn’s world, and unraveling the reasons behind this devastation is no simple task. The bond between Thorfinn and Askeladd is steeped in intricacy, encapsulating the essence of their 11th-century tale.

The poignant scene where Thorfinn’s knife falls to the ground while reflecting the scenes of life is a beautifully crafted moment, a testament to director Yabuta’s artistry. Thorfinn stands at the precipice, poised to deliver the final blow to Askeladd, as Askeladd himself urges. However, Thorfinn finds himself unable or unwilling to follow through. Beyond the unexpected circumstances surrounding Askeladd’s demise, there is a profound truth at play. Askeladd is the closest Thorfinn has ever had to a father figure, evident as Askeladd’s final words revolve not around Wales or Thorfinn’s mother but around Thors and his son. Up until his dying breath, Askeladd tirelessly endeavors to guide Thorfinn onto a path that will grant his life meaning. In many ways, it emulates the actions of a caring father.

What Lies Ahead – Unraveling the Future

The question of what lies on the horizon applies not only to the anime but also to the story itself. The true perpetrator behind Thors’ demise still roams free, even if only in spirit. Canute’s next steps seem reasonably evident – he will fulfill his father’s role, ruling England with Thorkell by his side. However, the fate of Thorfinn remains uncertain. Askeladd’s death has deprived him of the sole purpose he allowed himself to cherish. Yet, substituting Floki for Askeladd would be an empty resolution for Thorfinn. The enigmatic presence of Leif and the concept of home still beckon, but above all, it is the allure of Vinland that draws Thorfinn. Vinland Saga will undoubtedly guide him towards that destination eventually.


Vinland Saga’s first season culminated in an unforgettable finale, leaving fans craving more. The hints and teasers signify the potential for a sequel, heightening the intrigue surrounding the series. Askeladd’s pivotal role in the narrative, Thorfinn’s complex emotions, and the unforeseen consequences of their intertwined destinies have captivated viewers. While an official announcement is yet to be made, the thirst for continuation remains.