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The Top Anime Shows of 2023 as Voted by Fans

Welcome to our ranking of the top anime shows of 2023! In this article, we will dive into the most popular anime series that have captured the hearts of fans around the world. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances, these shows offer a variety of genres to suit every viewer’s taste. So, without further ado, let’s explore the exciting world of anime and discover the must-watch series of the year!

1. AI no Idenshi

AI no Idenshi has emerged as one of the most talked-about anime shows of 2023, receiving 9% of the votes in our survey. This series takes place in a near-future world where artificial intelligence plays a central role in shaping society. With stunning visuals and a thought-provoking storyline, AI no Idenshi explores the ethical implications of advanced AI technology and the impact it has on human lives. It offers a unique blend of suspense, drama, and philosophical themes that leave viewers pondering the nature of consciousness and the boundaries of humanity.

2. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan (2023)

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan (2023) takes the second spot with 9% of the votes. This highly anticipated continuation of the beloved Rurouni Kenshin series follows the story of Kenshin Himura, a former assassin turned wanderer, during the Meiji era in Japan. With its captivating historical setting, intense sword fights, and complex characters, this show has captured the hearts of both new and longtime fans. Expect thrilling battles, deep character development, and a compelling exploration of redemption and justice.

3. Undead Girl Murder Farce

In third place is Undead Girl Murder Farce, securing 8% of the votes. This anime combines elements of mystery, horror, and comedy to deliver a truly unique and captivating experience. The story revolves around a high school student who finds himself entangled in a series of bizarre murders involving supernatural beings. With its dark humor, clever plot twists, and memorable characters, Undead Girl Murder Farce keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each new episode.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season

Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season takes the fourth spot with 7% of the votes. Building upon the success of its first season, this anime continues to impress with its stunning animation, intense battles, and well-crafted story. Set in a world where curses and sorcery coexist, Jujutsu Kaisen follows a group of students who fight against supernatural threats. With its compelling characters, intricate world-building, and thrilling action sequences, this series is a must-watch for fans of the supernatural genre.

5. Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon

With 7% of the votes, Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon secures the fifth spot on our list. This heartwarming romance anime tells the story of a young woman who decides to marry for the sake of her family’s happiness, rather than pursuing her own dreams. With its relatable themes of sacrifice, love, and self-discovery, Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon strikes a chord with viewers. It explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of following one’s heart, making it a delightful and emotional journey for audiences.

6. Horimiya: Piece

Horimiya: Piece occupies the sixth position on our list, receiving 6% of the votes. This anime dives into the lives of two seemingly ordinary high school students who discover each other’s hidden sides outside of school. Through their blossoming friendship and growing romance, Horimiya explores the complexities of teenage life, friendship, and self-acceptance. With its endearing characters, genuine moments of vulnerability, and relatable coming-of-age themes, this series resonates with audiences of all ages.

7. Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid 2nd Season

With 6% of the votes, Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid 2nd Season claims the seventh spot on our list. This supernatural romance anime continues the enchanting tale of a young nobleman cursed with a touch of death and his devoted black-clad maid. As they navigate the challenges of their peculiar relationship, Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid dives into themes of love, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions. Combining moments of humor, tender romance, and dark undertones, this series offers a captivating and unique viewing experience.

8. Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu secures the eighth spot with 5% of the votes. This isekai (another world) anime follows the story of a reincarnated man who sets out on a journey of self-discovery and redemption in a fantastical world filled with magic and adventure. With its immersive world-building, compelling character arcs, and breathtaking animation, Mushoku Tensei offers a fresh take on the isekai genre. It explores themes of growth, second chances, and the pursuit of a meaningful life, making it a standout series in the anime landscape.

9. Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering claims the ninth spot with 5% of the votes. This supernatural thriller takes viewers on a thrilling ride into the mysterious world of occult rituals and sinister secrets. With its atmospheric storytelling, chilling suspense, and intricate plot twists, Dark Gathering keeps audiences guessing at every turn. As the protagonists unravel the dark secrets that lie beneath the surface, they confront their own inner demons, blurring the line between reality and the supernatural.

10. Helck

Helck rounds out our top ten list with 4% of the votes. This fantasy adventure anime follows the unconventional hero Helck as he embarks on a quest to save the world. Filled with epic battles, endearing characters, and unexpected plot developments, Helck offers a refreshing take on the classic hero’s journey. With its unique blend of action, comedy, and heartfelt moments, this series has garnered a dedicated fan base who eagerly anticipate each new episode.

In Conclusion

2023 has proven to be an exciting year for anime enthusiasts, with a diverse range of shows capturing our attention and captivating our hearts. From the thought-provoking AI no Idenshi to the heartwarming romance of Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon, these anime series have showcased the incredible storytelling and creativity the medium has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or just beginning your journey, these top ten shows are a great place to start exploring the vibrant world of anime.