White Album 2: A Musical Journey Concludes – Series Review

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Unearthing Hidden Gems in Unexpected Places

Back in October, when I initially blogged about this series, I mentioned that it could possibly be a rare find in the realm of high school romances. Surprisingly, as the series progressed, it managed to offer something worthwhile to the genre without succumbing to the usual clichés and pitfalls that often plague such narratives.

An Unexpected Journey

Having never played the visual novel on which either season of this show is based, I held no expectations for White Album 2. Considering that most high school romances fall anywhere between mediocre to awful, it was only natural to approach this series with caution. However, as someone who prides themselves on spotting hidden gems, I knew I had to keep an open mind, watch as many premieres as possible, and listen to the recommendations of trusted individuals.

If someone had asked me to predict how the final episode of White Album 2 would unfold, it would likely resemble what we witnessed. Strikingly, this is not a criticism but rather a testament to the show’s ability to progress its narrative in a believable manner. Similar to the tragic elements of Shiki, the tension and heartbreak in this series do not arise from suspense, but rather from our intimate knowledge of what lies ahead.

The Calm Before the Storm

Surprisingly, not much occurred during this final episode—not because there was a lack of content, but because it simply wasn’t necessary. The intentions and emotions of each character were already discernible. While we were treated to a tastefully done sex scene between Haruki and Kazusa (a rarity in anime teen romances), it conveyed a sense of desperation rather than overt eroticism. Both characters understood that this was the end rather than a beginning. Despite their regrets and the unfortunate turn of events in this series, Kazusa and Haruki did not wish to enter adulthood without being intimate with the person they loved.

Throughout its adaptation, White Album 2 made interesting storytelling choices by alternating between timelines and intentionally withholding information. This allowed the audience to only perceive certain truths as dictated by the writer. As the romantic aspect of the story slipped beyond Setsuna’s reach, she became the audience’s point-of-view character during the final day. It’s evident that Setsuna is adrift, having lost both her partner and her best friend. However, she isn’t the sole sufferer here. In fact, she remains true to herself until the very end.

The Complexity of Setsuna’s Role

Setsuna played a significant role in orchestrating the circumstances that led to this situation, even though she claims to be the victim. While I’ve expressed my views on this matter, Setsuna’s decision not to harbor anger towards Haruki only serves to intensify his guilt. She is aware of this, yet chooses to inflict further pain upon him. Setsuna exhibits a martyr-like quality, as seen when she tearfully broke down in front of Kazusa after essentially stealing Haruki from her. By dragging Haruki to Narita to find Kazusa before her departure, despite his reluctance to do so, Setsuna knowingly exposes herself to the brutal sadness that awaits them. This choice allows her to perpetuate her victim identity, convinced that she deserves it.

Ironically, Setsuna is already a victim. Haruki betrayed her for another girl. Yet, Setsuna cannot resist meddling further. While Haruki and Kazusa contribute to the drama through their silence and omissions, Setsuna compensates by making enough overt mistakes for all three of them. Haruki and Setsuna likely see through her lie about not liking him as much as Kazusa does. Her confession was an attempt to preserve the group’s unity, which never made much sense to begin with.

No Happily Ever After

There is no happy ending in this story. Haruki cannot return to Setsuna after the events that transpired, nor would he want to. Kazusa is bound for Vienna, and while communication via email and cell phones can bridge the distance to some extent, it cannot replace the physical togetherness. Yet, considering this is the “introductory chapter” of the game, there is a sense that this story is far from over. Vienna may be where Kazusa needs to be with her mother for the time being, but not necessarily where she truly wants to be. Haruki and Kazusa undeniably share a deep love, even when separated by thousands of miles. For Setsuna, it may be somewhat easier to move on practically, given the circumstances. However, for Haruki and Kazusa, their hearts remain in limbo as long as the possibility of a reunion lingers.

Awaiting the Future

The question lingers: will there be more anime adaptations of White Album 2? Given the existence of source material explicitly continuing the story, combined with decent Blu-ray sales, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine a continuation. Personally, I would love to see it if the same talented creative team is involved. While there have been complaints about the animation quality in recent weeks, I find the overall look of the series to be pleasing, and it has been consistently enjoyable. White Album 2 stands as a classy, skillfully written and directed show, save for some unnecessary early fanservice that felt out of place. The series concluded on a perfect note with the performance of the song Haruki wrote for Kazusa, a song that was omitted when the trio performed at the school festival.

Making Teenaged Romance Exceptional

Teenaged romance shouldn’t be such a challenging genre to excel in, and yet, it often proves to be just that. White Album 2 defies expectations by highlighting the struggles of bright and talented youth, who, despite their potential, lack the necessary life experience and judgment to avoid heartbreak. None of them are entirely innocent, yet none are solely to blame. This is precisely what makes their story simultaneously melancholic and beautiful. If I were to compare White Album 2 to another recent series, Mashiroiro Symphony comes to mind. Although the two narratives differ greatly, both treat their casts with a dignity rarely seen in high school anime. In these shows, the chemistry between the couples is compelling, while the emotions of the other characters are not disregarded. Romance is an integral part of the story, but not at the expense of everything else.

An Unexpected Masterpiece

It is both gratifying and surprising to come across a series as exceptional as White Album 2. It ranks among the best shows of the season and can easily be considered one of the best romances in recent years, an area where anime has struggled. Just when I began to believe that the industry had lost its touch in crafting captivating high school romances, White Album 2 emerges and fully utilizes the characters’ age to deliver a poignant and tragic story that couldn’t exist anywhere else.


White Album 2 is a shining example of how well-crafted storytelling, relatable characters, and genuine emotions work together to create an unforgettable viewing experience. Despite the lack of a conventional happy ending, the series leaves an indelible mark on its audience. It reminds us that sometimes, even in the midst of heartbreak, there is beauty to be found.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will there be a continuation of White Album 2 in anime form?

While nothing has been officially confirmed, there is a possibility that White Album 2 may receive further anime adaptations. The existence of source material that continues the story, coupled with favorable Blu-ray sales, increases the likelihood of a continuation. Fans can remain hopeful for more of this captivating series if the