Why Jennifer Love Hewitt Left ‘Criminal Minds’

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Departure from Criminal Minds: What Happened?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, a familiar face on television since her breakout role in the 1990s, joined Criminal Minds for its 10th season, sparking much excitement among fans. However, her time on the hit CBS crime drama was short-lived, leaving many wondering why she only lasted one season. Let’s delve into the reasons behind Jennifer Love Hewitt’s departure from Criminal Minds and what happened to her character, Kate Callahan.

Who was Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds?

In the Season 10 premiere of Criminal Minds, Special Agent Kate Callahan was introduced as the replacement for Alex Blake after her resignation in the previous season’s finale. However, just one season later, Kate would resign herself. The Season 10 finale revolved around her character, with her niece Meg being abducted by human traffickers. Although the BAU successfully recovered Meg unharmed, Kate and her husband Chris discovered that she was pregnant. This led Kate to make the difficult decision to leave her position and prioritize her family.

While Kate’s character had significant undercover experience and had previously worked for the recurring character Andi Swann on the Domestic Trafficking Task Force, little was explored about her backstory during her short stint on the show. With Season 10 being regarded as one of the weaker seasons, Kate’s character didn’t have a profound impact, aside from the shock of her departure.

Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt exit Criminal Minds?

Both fans and the show’s creators were surprised by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s departure from Criminal Minds. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Erica Messer revealed that Hewitt’s exit was not initially planned. The decision had to be accommodated into the Season 10 finale, which had already been scripted. “What wasn’t in play was writing her out by any means,” Messer explained. However, Hewitt made the choice to leave after learning that she was expecting her second child.

Messer further elaborated that Hewitt was taking time off to be a full-time mom and that the timing didn’t allow her to continue with the show, as she was due to give birth in July 2016, which coincided with the start of Season 11. Consequently, Jennifer Love Hewitt didn’t return to Criminal Minds, and her character, Kate Callahan, bid farewell to the BAU.

It’s worth noting that Hewitt wasn’t part of the cast announcement for the revival series Criminal Minds: Evolution on Paramount+, as she is now a series regular on the Fox-turned-ABC procedural 9-1-1. This means that viewers have seen the last of Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds.

In conclusion, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s departure from Criminal Minds after just one season was primarily due to her decision to prioritize her growing family. While fans may have been disappointed by her exit, the show had to adapt the Season 10 finale to reflect her departure. As a result, viewers bid farewell to the character Kate Callahan, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, as she embarked on a new chapter.


Jennifer Love Hewitt’s departure from Criminal Minds surprised fans who had grown accustomed to her character, Kate Callahan. However, the actress’s decision to prioritize her role as a mother led to her exit from the show. While her time on Criminal Minds may have been brief, Hewitt’s contribution to the series will be remembered. As viewers say goodbye to Kate Callahan, they can continue following Hewitt’s acting career as she takes on new roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Jennifer Love Hewitt ever return to Criminal Minds?

No, Jennifer Love Hewitt is not expected to return to Criminal Minds. Her departure from the show was prompted by her decision to focus on her family. Hewitt has since moved on to other acting projects, including her role as a series regular on the TV show 9-1-1.

2. Where can I watch Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds is available for streaming on Hulu and Paramount+.

3. What other TV shows has Jennifer Love Hewitt been a part of?

Aside from her role on Criminal Minds, Jennifer Love Hewitt has had a successful career in television. She gained recognition for her role as Sarah on Fox’s Party of Five in the 1990s. Currently, she is a series regular on the Fox-turned-ABC procedural 9-1-1.

4. How many seasons of Criminal Minds were there?

Criminal Minds ran for a total of 15 seasons. The series concluded with its 15th season, offering fans a satisfying conclusion to the long-running crime drama.

5. Are there any potential spin-offs of Criminal Minds?

Yes, a revival series called Criminal Minds: Evolution has been ordered by Paramount+. However, Jennifer Love Hewitt is not expected to be a part of the cast, as she is currently committed to her role on 9-1-1.