Yofukashi no Uta: Captivating Melodies – Episode 10 Exploration

An Unexpected Twist

As the tenth episode of Yofukashi no Uta unfolded, it became clear that we were in for a turning point in the season. The calm before the storm had lulled us into complacency, but the transition that followed was elegantly executed. The addition of Sawashiro Miyuki to the series further enhanced its quality. Known for her instantly recognizable voice and vast range as a voice actor, she brought a unique flair to the character of Uguisu Anko.

Kou’s Challenging Assignment

In this episode, Kou finds himself embarking on a challenging assignment. Nazuna sends him off to hustle clients for her cuddle buddy business, and he encounters Anko in the process. Anko, who quickly fits the tired stereotype Kou has been told to watch out for, proves to be more than he can handle. Her playful nature adds another layer of complexity to Kou’s already difficult task.

An All-Night Cafe Adventure

Kou and Anko end up in an all-night cafe, where Anko revels in chain-smoking to her heart’s content. She teasingly expresses disappointment that Kou, whom she refers to as “jail bait,” wasn’t actually hitting on her. Anko playfully warns him about the legal implications of his after 10:00 P.M. job as a minor and casually mentions that she works as a private detective. Despite the romanticized image Kou has of detective work, Anko provides a less glamorous perspective.

The Mystery of Akkun

Anko’s arrival raises questions about her interest in Akkun and why she is looking for him. Kou’s lack of a poker face makes it obvious that he knows Akkun, piquing Anko’s curiosity. However, she defuses the situation by paying for the coffee and letting Kou keep the change. In an attempt to distract Naz from their recruitment failure, Kou spends some of the money on Strong Zero from a less-than-legal konbini clerk. With the distraction in place, the situation seems to calm down.

An Adventure in the Dark

Mahiru, always viewing their three-way friendship differently than Kou and Akira, invites them on a nighttime adventure breaking into the school. For him, friendship comes naturally, while for the introverted Kou and mid-introvert Akira, it’s a significant event. Despite their differing perspectives, the three friends embark on a fun night exploring the school’s seven mysteries. However, things take an eerie turn as Mahiru introduces a mystery specific to their school, involving a teacher who disappeared a decade ago.

A Vampiric Encounter

To their surprise, the missing teacher, Yamai Kazuhiro, is present during their exploration. He expresses his displeasure at the children’s presence, and it becomes apparent to Kou that the teacher is a vampire. This marks the first confirmed appearance of a male vampire in the series. However, Yamai’s vampire characteristics differ from those seen in Call of the Night. He struggles to control his bloodlust, while also being repulsed by it. When he makes a move towards Akira, Kou instinctively defends his friend by attacking Yamai with a chair.

Unanswered Questions and Darker Realities

This encounter with Yamai raises countless questions. Is Yamai an anomaly among male vampires, or are all male vampires similarly disposed of? Through these latest episodes, Yofukashi no Uta explores the polar extremes of vampirism – from the light-hearted slice-of-life moments to the dark and bloodthirsty reality. Anko, who has been following Kou for her own reasons, seems to have her own way of dealing with vampires. It appears that Yamai was seduced and turned, possibly by someone already known to the audience. The cryptic statement from Anko that “the teacher was supposed to die tonight” raises intriguing questions. Has Anko tampered with her own blood, or was the teacher’s reaction simply due to it being his first taste? And what significance does the gold ring hold, causing such a disturbance in him?

Anko’s Mercy and the Dark Side of Vampirism

Anko likely sees her intervention as an act of mercy, considering that Yamai did not choose to become a vampire. However, it’s possible that Anko, with her secretive past, may view herself as a vampire hunter of sorts. This darker side of the vampire myth draws attention to the fact that Kou, in his pursuit of the vampire dream, does not comprehend the true implications of becoming a vampire, particularly as a man. While he may frivolously wish for it as a flight of fancy, Kou remains ignorant of the true nature of vampires in this mythology.

Directorial Brilliance and Unexplored Depths

One notable aspect of this episode is the exceptional direction. Itamura Tomoyuki’s style, though it has occasionally been a hit-or-miss with some of his other works, such as Vanitas no Carte, seamlessly aligns with Yofukashi no Uta. The director’s touch is especially evident in the poignant scene of the teacher’s demise, where the formation of a cross-shaped shadow against the window frame as sunlight enters adds a stunning visual element. This perfect harmony between the director and the material serves as a testament to the untapped potential of this story.


As the tenth episode of Yofukashi no Uta draws to a close, we are left with a multitude of questions and a deeper understanding of the complexities of this vampire-infused world. Anko’s involvement hints at a hidden world of vampire hunters and unknown pasts, while Yamai’s existence challenges the conventional portrayal of vampires. With unparalleled direction and storytelling, this episode leaves us eagerly anticipating the next chapters of this enthralling series.


1. Will the appearance of Anko lead to a vampire-hunting subplot?

At this point, it is unclear whether Anko’s involvement will lead to a full-fledged vampire-hunting storyline. However, her mysterious past and expertise in dealing with vampires suggest that it may be a possibility worth exploring in future episodes.

2. What is the significance of the gold ring worn by Yamai?

The presence of a gold ring on Yamai’s finger during his encounter with Kou and the others remains shrouded in mystery. Its importance and connection to Yamai’s vampire state are yet to be fully revealed, leaving audiences intrigued and eager for more information.

3. How will Kou’s perspective on vampirism evolve throughout the series?

Kou’s fascination with the vampire concept provides an interesting character arc to follow. As he dives deeper into the world of vampires, he is likely to face unforeseen challenges and confront the dark realities that come with his desire to become a vampire. It remains to be seen how this journey will shape his understanding and perception of vampirism.

4. Is there a deeper meaning behind Mahiru’s approach to friendship?

Mahiru’s carefree and casual approach to friendship differs greatly from Kou and Akira’s more guarded and cautious perspectives. This stark contrast raises questions about the underlying motivations and experiences that have shaped Mahiru’s outlook. Exploring the origins of Mahiru’s unique perspective may provide insight into the dynamics of their three-way friendship.

5. What other surprises and revelations await us in the upcoming episodes?

With the rich storytelling and unpredictable twists exhibited in Episode 10, it’s evident that Yofukashi no Uta still has plenty of surprises in store for its viewers. Anticipate further revelations about the vampires’ nature, Anko’s role, and the intricate web of connections between the characters as the series progresses. The mystery deepens, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next captivating installment.