You Season 4 Part 2 Review: Netflix Thriller

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Netflix’s “You” Season 4 Part 2: A Disappointing Finale

Netflix’s hit show, “You,” has returned with Part 2 of Season 4. While the first part brought a fresh twist to the story, the conclusion falls short of expectations. This article delves into the strengths and weaknesses of the season, exploring the repetitive narrative structure that hampers its impact. Additionally, we discuss the shift in tone, from a realistic crime thriller to a more campy and exaggerated approach, as well as the return of a familiar character from an earlier season.

A Familiar Formula That Loses its Spark

Throughout previous seasons of “You,” viewers have witnessed a recurring pattern in the storyline. Joe Goldberg, the intriguing and deeply flawed protagonist, seeks stability in his life. He meets a woman, becoming intensely attracted and fascinated by her. Utilizing his stalking skills, Joe manages to get closer to his love interest, leading to a complex and often toxic relationship. The audience ultimately realizes that Joe has become entangled in a web of his own making, leading to chaos and, inevitably, multiple murders. While this formula has worked before, in Season 4, it feels repetitive and regressive. The absence of the murder mystery plotline, which provided fresh intrigue in the first part, leaves little room for excitement and surprises in the second part.

An Unexpected Shift: When Bold Plot Twists Go Too Far

However, despite the unimpressive storyline format, “You” continues to surprise viewers with its plot twists. Season 4 Part 2 takes a direction that even the most devoted fans did not anticipate. The show’s creators are known for their audacious choices, which have contributed to the series’ appeal. Yet, in this season, the twists and turns push the boundaries of believability too far. The once-realistic crime thriller has transformed into a campy and exaggerated spectacle. While this approach may entertain some, it deviates from the earlier seasons that captivated audiences with their grounded and chilling portrayal of Joe Goldberg’s character.

An Appreciation for the Past: The Return of a Beloved Character

One notable aspect of Season 4 Part 2 is the inclusion of a character from an earlier season. This reintroduction offers audiences a glimpse into the show’s more successful and compelling moments. As soon as this character reappears on-screen, their presence dominates the episodes, stealing the spotlight from the otherwise forgettable supporting cast. The actor’s exceptional performance contributes to the character’s allure, reminding viewers of the show’s former excellence. However, it also highlights the lackluster nature of the current supporting characters, diminishing their impact as the season nears its end.

A Flawed Yet Enjoyable Experience

While Season 4 of “You” has its fair share of flaws, it remains an entertaining watch. The show strikes a balance between not taking itself too seriously and delivering an intriguing narrative. Despite the at times convoluted and unrealistic plot developments, the wild ride provided by “You” still manages to captivate and hold the audience’s attention. As this season concludes, fans might find themselves craving more despite acknowledging its imperfections. The series has always been intriguing, and even as it ventures into increasingly unrealistic territory, there is a persistent curiosity to discover how it all culminates.


In conclusion, “You” Season 4 Part 2 offers a disappointing finale that fails to live up to the expectations set by the previous installment. The return to a repetitive narrative structure and a shift towards a more exaggerated and campy approach detract from the show’s earlier strengths. However, the inclusion of a beloved character from an earlier season serves as a reminder of the series’ past brilliance. Ultimately, while flawed, “You” continues to provide an enjoyable viewing experience, leaving audiences curious for what lies ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is “You” Season 4 Part 2 worth watching?

While Season 4 Part 2 may not live up to the heights of the previous installment, it still provides an entertaining experience for fans of the show.

2. Are the plot twists in Season 4 Part 2 as unpredictable as before?

Season 4 Part 2 does feature bold plot twists, but some viewers may find them too far-fetched and less grounded in reality compared to earlier seasons.

3. How does Season 4 Part 2 compare to the earlier seasons?

In terms of its narrative structure and tone, Season 4 Part 2 deviates from the earlier seasons. It leans more towards campy fun rather than a realistic crime thriller.

4. Does the return of a character from an earlier season enhance the viewing experience?

The return of a beloved character certainly adds excitement and nostalgia to the season. This character’s presence reminds viewers of the show’s stronger moments.

5. Will there be another season of “You” after Season 4?

As of now, it is uncertain if “You” will continue beyond Season 4. However, the show’s popularity suggests that fans may have the opportunity to further explore Joe Goldberg’s story in the future.