Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line – Grand Finale and Series Review

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The Uncertain Future of Yowamushi Pedal: Is It Really the End?

As fans eagerly awaited the fifth season of Yowamushi Pedal, the last episode of the fourth season left them feeling perplexed and unsure about the future. Unlike previous seasons, where the announcement of a sequel was almost a given, this time things are different. The decline in disc sales and the retrospective nature of the finale have left fans questioning whether there will be another season.

A Shift in Expectations

The drop in disc sales is a common trend among long-running anime franchises, but Yowamushi Pedal has other sources of financial support that could potentially keep it going. However, the final moments of the episode, with its poignant reflection on the growth of the protagonist Onoda, and the enigmatic phrase “See you later” in the eyecatch, raise doubts about what lies ahead.

Despite these uncertainties, it is highly probable that a fifth season will eventually come to fruition. The Yowapeda franchise remains incredibly popular, and it is likely that this hiatus is a strategic move by Watanabe-sensei to allow the manga to catch up to the anime. As of now, there are around eight volumes yet to be adapted, which would provide ample material for at least two cours.

The Potential Consequences of an Abrupt Ending

If this does indeed mark the end of the series, it would be a disappointment for fans. Ending the anime right in the midst of the inter-high, a critical narrative arc, would leave many hanging on the edge of their seats. Furthermore, the recent episodes have showcased the true essence of Yowamushi Pedal, reminding viewers of its captivating storytelling and intense competitive spirit.

The inter-high holds many unexpected developments, starting with Izumida’s declaration that HakoGaku is solely interested in securing the yellow tag, leaving fans to wonder about Manami’s role in the race. Meanwhile, Kyoto Fushimi surprises everyone by donning buzz-cut hairstyles, with Midousuji leading the way to signify the renouncement of earthly desires.

Onoda, as tradition would have it, faces his iconic faceplant before the race, courtesy of his overzealous admirers. Aoyagi, nursing his injuries, is determined to race, earning admiration for his resilience. Teshima reflects on his lucky position despite his minimal talent, and Kaburagi’s naivety remains unchanged. Yet, the power trio shows promising form, especially Onoda, who leaves his competitor Mizuta in the dust as he joins forces with Imaizumi.

Midousuji’s Surprising Popularity

A delightful twist in the story emerges as Midousuji suddenly becomes the crowd favorite, with spectators cheering for his morphing antics. This shift in public opinion presents an intriguing development, potentially unmasking a different side of Chimera-kun. The thrill of witnessing how he handles this newfound adoration adds another layer of anticipation, should the story continue in the anime.

Overall, the fourth season, “Glory Line,” may not have matched the strength of its predecessors. The lack of focus on Onoda, an excess of Teshima-centric moments, frequent flashbacks, and insufficiently showcased Sohoku team dynamics contributed to this perception. However, if a fifth season is granted, there is hope for a significant improvement. It will likely prioritize the elements that make Yowamushi Pedal shine, reinstating the series’ essence.

Yowamushi Pedal has undeniably made a lasting impact within the realm of sports manga and has contributed to the growing popularity of cycling in Japan. Despite some mixed feelings about the recent season, the affection for this series remains strong among fans. There is a collective desire to witness the continuation of this captivating franchise.


While uncertainty looms over the future of Yowamushi Pedal, the signs point towards a potential fifth season. Fans eagerly await a formal announcement that would provide clarity and resolve the unanswered questions left by the fourth season’s finale. In the meantime, enthusiasts can find solace in the manga’s ongoing storyline, with the hope that the anime adaptation will eventually continue.


1. Will there definitely be a fifth season of Yowamushi Pedal?

As of now, no official confirmation has been made regarding the production of a fifth season. However, considering the continued popularity of the Yowapeda franchise, it is highly likely that fans will eventually be treated to another season.

2. How does Yowamushi Pedal’s decline in disc sales affect its future?

While disc sales may have decreased, Yowamushi Pedal’s financial success does not solely rely on these numbers. The franchise has other revenue streams, and the decline in disc sales is a common occurrence among long-running anime series.

3. Are there enough unadapted manga volumes for a fifth season?

Currently, there are approximately eight volumes of the manga that have not been adapted into the anime. Considering the average adaptation rate, these volumes would provide sufficient material for at least two cours, making a fifth season feasible.

4. Will the inter-high arc be concluded if there is a fifth season?

The inter-high arc is a vital part of the Yowapeda narrative, and it is highly probable that it will be concluded if a fifth season is produced. Fans can anticipate the resolution of the intense competition and the destiny of their favorite characters.

5. Can we expect improvements in a potential fifth season?

Given the mixed reception of the fourth season, there is hope that a fifth season will address the shortcomings and focus on the aspects that have made Yowamushi Pedal beloved by fans. This potential improvement could enhance the overall viewing experience and reignite the excitement surrounding the series.