Yurei Deco: Enigmatic Anime World – Beyond First Impressions

The Quirky World of Yurei Deco: A Unique Anime Experience

A Fresh Take on Anime Standards

Yurei Deco is a distinctive show that breaks away from cookie-cutter anime productions. It defies expectations and offers a refreshing deviation from the norm in terms of its visuals and storyline. Rather than conforming to the typical 2022 anime style, Yurei Deco presents a unique and unconventional approach. However, despite its originality, there is an underlying sense of familiarity, especially for fans of Science SARU. The studio’s signature style resonates throughout the series, showcasing their creative identity. But while attempting to adhere to a certain creative profile can be successful, it may also come across as deliberately contrived.

The Science SARU Dynamic

The challenge for Science SARU lies in capturing the magic of their productions without the direct involvement of renowned director Yuasa Masaaki or Eunyoung Choi, the studio’s president. Yurei Deco, created and written by Satou Dai (known for his work on Eureka Seven), carries the burden of proving itself, given Satou’s relatively low-profile projects in recent years. However, the credentials and experience of Satou Dai provide a glimmer of hope for the series’ potential success.

A Mysterious World Unveiled

A Sleepless Giant’s Tale

Yurei Deco opens with a captivating narrated origin story that introduces us to a sleepless giant who eventually becomes the “eyes” adorning the peacock’s tail feathers. The connection between this folklore and the main plot remains unclear initially, but such enigmatic elements persist throughout the narrative. In this world, love serves as currency, resembling a unique blend of karma and internet reputation. Referred to as “Tom Sawyer,” it primarily exists as a virtual domain, where school-going kids assume avatar forms and hyperspace bubbles challenge the boundaries of reality.

Berry’s Quest for “Phantom Zero”

Berry, the bratty 14-year-old protagonist, fixates on capturing “Phantom Zero,” a legendary figure lurking in the underground. The capture of this elusive character would bring forth a tremendous influx of love, sparking Berry’s obsession. Along her journey, she encounters Hack, a cunning individual who manipulates people out of their love savings. Hack’s sing-song manner of speaking quickly becomes grating, but Berry soon realizes that he is not Phantom Zero, although he possesses knowledge about this enigmatic figure. While other characters are introduced, the immediate focus remains on Berry and Hack.

The Familiar Science SARU Pattern

Yurei Deco adheres to the tried-and-true Science SARU formula. Cute, talkative girls, futuristic surrealism, and a constant infusion of techno background music define the series. This approach successfully pays homage to the anime era when Satou was at the peak of his career, with Hack’s character epitomizing the spirit of that time. Yurei Deco deliberately aims to recreate that particular ambiance. While some viewers may experience a sense of déjà vu despite never having seen the series before, this syndrome presents both positive and negative aspects.

A Captivating and Curious Journey

A Signature SARU Look

Yurei Deco possesses an unmistakable SARU aesthetic that sets it apart from any other anime. The studio’s unconventional visual style distinguishes it and draws viewers into its eccentric world. The series exudes a frenetic energy that undeniably captivates the audience.

An Intriguing but Confusing Plot

The current state of the plot in Yurei Deco is somewhat convoluted and perplexing. However, this enigmatic quality sparks curiosity, creating a desire to uncover its true meaning and how all the pieces fit together. It gives off the impression that the series requires a touch of brilliance to fully realize its potential. While the presence of such brilliance remains uncertain, the fear of missing out on a remarkable journey compels viewers to continue watching.


Yurei Deco is an anime that defies conventions and offers a peculiar experience for viewers. Its distinctive style and captivating energy make it a standout production from Science SARU. Although it follows a familiar pattern, there is an allure to its unusual storyline. The series may benefit from the presence of visionary talent, but even without it, it holds promise and demands attention. Yurei Deco is a captivating enigma that deserves exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Yurei Deco different from other anime?

Yurei Deco stands out with its unique visual style and unconventional storyline. Unlike many anime series, it dares to deviate from the norm and offers a refreshing take on the medium.

Q: Who is “Phantom Zero” and why is Berry obsessed with capturing them?

“Phantom Zero” is a legendary figure lurking in the underground world of Yurei Deco. Berry, the series’ protagonist, becomes fixated on capturing this enigmatic character due to the promise of an influx of love that would come with their capture.

Q: What role does “Tom Sawyer” play in the world of Yurei Deco?

“Tom Sawyer” serves as the currency in Yurei Deco, resembling a combination of karma and internet reputation. It exists primarily as a virtual realm, with children attending school in avatar form and hyperspace bubbles challenging perceptions of reality.

Q: Why does Hack speak in a singsong manner?

Hack, a character in Yurei Deco, employs a singsong manner of speaking that can become grating. The reason behind this unique way of talking is yet to be revealed, but it adds to the quirkiness of the series.

Q: Does Yurei Deco live up to Science SARU’s reputation?

Yurei Deco showcases Science SARU’s distinct style and embraces the studio’s creative identity. While it may not reach the heights of their renowned works, it still offers a captivating and unique viewing experience.