Summertime Render: Enchanting Journey – Episode 18 Exploration

Summertime Render: A Supernatural Thriller with Promising Potential

Summertime Render, a popular manga series, continues to captivate readers with its intriguing storyline. Unlike many supernatural thrillers that tend to lose their momentum, this manga by Watanabe Ayumu promises to deliver a satisfying conclusion. In fact, we are already in the phase of the story where the buildup begins to pay off, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the grand finale.

A Time Jump to 1732 and the Hiruko Story

The narrative of Summertime Render has taken us on several time jumps, but the latest one brings us all the way back to 1732. This is the farthest point in time that the story has explored so far. While Haine’s conversation with middle-school Hizuru gave us a glimpse into this era, it is the Hiruko story that truly unfolds during the 1732 Kyouhou Famine.

The Kyouhou Famine, a period in Japanese history I personally admit to being unfamiliar with, struck Kyuushu with great force, resulting in the tragic deaths of possibly 200,000 people. Regressive tax policies implemented by the Tokugawa shogun of that time are widely blamed for exacerbating the famine. Interestingly, it was also during this period that the satsumaimo, or Japanese sweet potato, gained widespread popularity in Japan. As a result, regions where the crop had already spread were largely spared from the devastating effects of the famine in 1732.

However, there are still some unanswered questions. For instance, if the incident involving Haine and the whale occurred in 1732, why did the Haine we encountered in Hizuko’s recollections, which took place around 2003, exhibit such contrasting behavior? Why did she seem to have flashbacks to that particular time period? While these perplexing elements add complexity, they also contribute important pieces to the overall puzzle. Notably, the revelation of Karikiri-san’s background fills in the remaining gaps and confirms his role in the story. As for Shinpei’s theory regarding the extraterrestrial origin of Hiruko, it is indeed an intriguing speculation, but its practical significance may be limited.

The Intriguing Cat and Mouse Game

One of the most fascinating dynamics in Summertime Render is the ongoing cat and mouse game between Shide and Shinpei. Initially, they play their expected roles, but soon enough, it becomes clear that Shinpei is deliberately trying to provoke a reaction from the priest. Once Shinpei reveals his hand, with incriminating photos, the tables turn, and it becomes evident that Karikiri is the one attempting to manipulate Shinpei. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the story, as Shinpei, with his inherently honorable and virtuous nature, struggles to justify the actions he believes are necessary, especially when Karikiri appears to be nothing more than an ordinary human.

Shinpei’s pursuit of the truth leads him to make a risky decision, disregarding the consequences it might have on the time loop. Given his personal connection to the tragic events involving his parents and the girl he loved, it is understandable, if not entirely wise, that he takes such risks. However, his arrogance becomes apparent as he assumes he knows all the crucial variables, yet there is at least one he is missing. Shide skillfully manipulates Shinpei, almost coaxing him into fulfilling the priest’s desired outcome — Shinpei’s own demise. Additionally, Shide successfully manipulates shadow Ushio into taking the action that suits his plans. It is clear that Shide has a hidden advantage, a secret weapon at his disposal.

The Enigmatic Identity of the Victim

One puzzling aspect that arises is how the being killed by Ushio was neither Shide nor Karikiri, or at least not both simultaneously. Based on the available information, it is difficult to deduce what truly transpired. The individual discussing FF 7, with his extensive knowledge of gaming strategy, obviously does not fit the description of a shadow. However, he is also not Karikiri, or at least not the one residing within Shide. Could there be another existence or means of duplication at play? Is it possible that multiple copies of Karikiri exist as a result of his recycling system, resembling a twisted take on the Buddhist cycle of rebirth? Furthermore, even if multiple copies were indeed present, would they be so easily expendable?

A Major Setback and Implications for the Final Battle

In the grand scheme of things, it seems that Shinpei’s gamble has backfired, resulting in dire consequences. His overconfidence and desire for the truth have led to the apparent elimination of Ushio. Emotionally, this loss is significant, even though her demise would have been inevitable given their ultimate objective. However, from a practical standpoint, Ushio represented the strongest weapon within Team Shinpei’s arsenal. Karikiri has proven that Team Shadow can outmaneuver and overpower Shinpei without relying on shadows at all. With Ushio seemingly out of the picture, this setback poses the greatest challenge yet for our protagonists.


Summertime Render continues to impress with its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and unexpected twists. As the story unravels, readers are left in a state of anticipation for the imminent conclusion. Watanabe Ayumu’s masterful storytelling keeps the engagement high and the level of perplexity enticing. With every reveal, the manga solidifies its position as a standout supernatural thriller. As we prepare for the final battle, it remains to be seen how our beloved characters will rise from the depths of despair and overcome the obstacles that stand before them.


1. How many volumes of Summertime Render are there?

Currently, Summertime Render consists of five volumes. However, since the story is still ongoing, it is expected that more volumes will be released in the future.

2. Is Summertime Render suitable for younger audiences?

Summertime Render is best suited for readers with a high school education or above. The supernatural thriller genre, along with mature themes and complex storytelling, may not be suitable for younger audiences.

3. Will there be an anime adaptation of Summertime Render?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding an anime adaptation of Summertime Render. However, given its popularity and compelling narrative, it wouldn’t be surprising if an anime adaptation were to be considered in the future.

4. Is Summertime Render influenced by Japanese history?

Yes, Summertime Render incorporates elements of Japanese history, such as the 1732 Kyouhou Famine. While it may not provide an entirely accurate historical account, the manga uses historical events as a backdrop to enhance the story’s atmosphere and narrative.

5. Can Summertime Render be enjoyed by readers unfamiliar with supernatural thrillers?

Absolutely! While Summertime Render falls into the supernatural thriller genre, its engaging plot and well-rounded characters make it accessible to readers who may not typically gravitate towards this genre. The manga’s blend of mystery, action, and romance offers a unique reading experience that can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.